• Alamo’s one-way car rental deal out of Florida is back. Not everyone will have a use for it, but this has been a great offer for some it in the past.
  • If you’re going for a Southwest Companion Pass with a hotel point transfer…you’re quickly running out of days. This option ends for good on Friday. Marriott has been (by far) the most popular way to do it.
  • Here’s a new link to the valuable 50,000-point Merrill Lynch card from Bank of America. Good card and, yeah, it’s possible to get one of these and an Alaska on the same day.
  • A not-quite-as-valuable new 60,000-point link for the Amex Platinum card (same bonus for the Charles Schwab version). If you’re seeing 75,000 in an incognito window, that’s still the better way to go.