Bank Of America Hates Me

I’ve been denying this for a few months, but it’s time for ol’ MileNerd to accept it and move on…

Yup, my heavy churning days seem to be over at Bank of America.

Why is that a big deal to me?

Well, this particular bank has been a gold mine of points.

I’ve gotten their credit cards like I was running an assembly line.

Over and over and over again.

Now I can’t get a single one.

Multiple aggressive readers are experiencing the same thing.

Personal cards just aren’t getting approved for us.

The Business option still has mixed success.

Well, that’s something I guess.

But it’s like Bank of America and I had the craziest parties around…

…and now we just sit around watching reruns of The Golden Girls.

Sad times.

milenerdBank Of America Hates Me