The Search For Flight Tracking

FlightTrack Pro was the app of our dreams.

It was true love.

We wanted to settle down and spend the rest our lives with this beautiful piece of ass technology.

Unfortunately, our world is a cruel one.

Earlier this year, fate took FlightTrack Pro away from us.

The hearts of nerds were broken.

Nothing made sense.

There were no answers.

I felt as lost as a millennial in a face-to-face conversation

Well, after many months, I’ve decided to pick myself up and find a replacement.

None will be as perfect as FlightTrack Pro.

On the other hand, apparently jumping off of a bridge is a little too drastic of a response.

My top 4 candidates are FlightAware, Flight Update Pro, VariFlight, and TripCase.

We shall see.




milenerdThe Search For Flight Tracking