Auction Value

I posted about Wyndham’s new auctions a few weeks ago.

Nobody accumulates this currency. At least that’s what it seems like from the strange lack of bidding.
(Of course I’m exaggerating when I say “nobody,” but I was literally the only bidder for this item). So how far did my 50,000-point bid go?

The suite for 2 nights would have cost $1,200. And the private dinner with chef Nobu at his restaurant would have cost $1,030 per couple. Was it worth burning 50,000 points for that?

Hell yeah.

The suite was VERY nice. That 3-hour dinner could easily be the best I’ll ever have. And my host at Caesars Palace (Ricky London) really went out of his way to make the stay special.  Just an incredible weekend in Vegas. I’d highly recommend keeping an eye on the Wyndham auction page if you have some points. Not sure how long it’ll be until the prices start going up with more bidders. But there are bargains to be had right now.

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