Equifax Sucks At Apologies

The Equifax data breach is a total shitfest. These are truly exceptional morons to mess things up to this degree…

  1. It was a security clown show on their end. Really, really basic screwup.
  2. They knew a month ago and waited this long to give the details to the people impacted (that’s us).
  3. It looks like some of their shady-ass executives were dumping stock in the meantime.
  4. Their website to “help” looks like it was designed by the slowest kid in fifth grade.
  5. It doesn’t even tell you if were impacted for sure.
  6. It won’t let you enroll for any help and they won’t send a reminder when that’s ready.

Considering this will impact over 100 million of us, you’re probably screwed on this one. You can check here or get more information here. Read the vague and annoying terms because you might waive your class action rights if you sign up for their TrustedID service.


milenerdEquifax Sucks At Apologies