New Hilton Links

The 4 new Hilton cards from American Express are available. Quick summary of each:

  • Hilton Aspire – 100,000 points for spending $4,000
    • Big ass $450 annual fee
    • Diamond status
    • Free weekend night every year
    • $250 annual resort credit and $250 annual airline credit
  • Hilton Ascend – 100,000 points for spending $3,000
    • $95 annual fee
    • Gold status
  • Hilton Business – 100,000 points for spending $4,000
    • $95 annual fee
    • Gold status
  • Hilton Honors – 50,000 points for spending $1,000
    • No annual fee
    • Useless Silver status

My thoughts?

I mean, it’s Hilton. The points are somewhere between suck and average. Nowhere near as valuable as Starwood or Hyatt. But they’ll still save you money. If you’re running out of Amex bonuses, it’s probably worth trying to collect something here. Not at the top of the American Express card list, though.

**I have the first set of giveaways ready to go (because of quick expiration dates). If you can use a United lounge pass between 1/25 and 1/31 only, write “United Pass” in the subject and send me an email. Blank is fine. If you can use a Delta drink voucher before April, please send a note with “Delta Voucher” as the subject. I’ll cross this paragraph out when they’re all gone. First come, first served.**

Have a great weekend, nerds!


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