More Delta For Airbnb

Delta is now offering 3 SkyDongs for every buck spent on Airbnb stays (also up to 25,000 for hosts). The lesson, as always? Airbnb loves the dongs. By the way, I’m also still seeing a $50 Airbnb deal in my American Express offers. Pretty good time to book a stay. Have a great weekend, nerds!

milenerdMore Delta For Airbnb

The Search For Flight Tracking

FlightTrack Pro was the app of our dreams.

It was true love.

We wanted to settle down and spend the rest our lives with this beautiful piece of ass technology.

Unfortunately, our world is a cruel one.

Earlier this year, fate took FlightTrack Pro away from us.

The hearts of nerds were broken.

Nothing made sense.

There were no answers.

I felt as lost as a millennial in a face-to-face conversation

Well, after many months, I’ve decided to pick myself up and find a replacement.

None will be as perfect as FlightTrack Pro.

On the other hand, apparently jumping off of a bridge is a little too drastic of a response.

My top 4 candidates are FlightAware, Flight Update Pro, VariFlight, and TripCase.

We shall see.




milenerdThe Search For Flight Tracking

Hump Day Deals

  • Get a free night at any Wyndham after 2 stays. Pretty good deal especially if you can use the ol’ pay-for-cheapies-and-redeem-a-nice-one strategy.
  • Take a few seconds to log in and see what your personal IHG Accelerate offer is here. Personally, I’m in a little bit of a slump with the last few of these.
  • In case you’re looking for a suite in Hawaii, look at this Hilton discount by tomorrow.
  • If you dance with annoying people who smell like cabbage, have armpit stains, and still raise the roof…here’s a sale from Frontier. For those with slightly higher standards, there are still options from Southwest and Alaska.

milenerdHump Day Deals

FlexPerks Flight Giveaway

Thanks to loyal (and generous) reader Assaf, I have another giveaway ready to go. Because of heavy category spending, he’s a FlexPerks baller and is willing to give some of his points to a MileNerd reader. This prize is 20,000 points that he’ll use to book a flight up to $400. It can be round-trip or one-way as long as the total is under 400 bucks.

There’s also one new entry requirement this time (from me, not Assaf). In your email, please list an all-time favorite restaurant that you absolutely love and the city it’s located in. Obviously, you’re welcome to list more than one. If there’s a particular item on the menu that you recommend, I’d love to hear about that too. I’m going to use that information for a future post. It could be fancy steakhouses, dive taco trucks, or anything in between.

There will be more giveaways coming soon. I’m doing my best to space them out. As usual, to enter, please email the contest address below. All that’s required is a restaurant and city, but please also put “FlexPerks” as the subject. I’ll randomly select a winner on Sunday night.

(As always with giveaways, if you need to reach me for any other reason, please don’t use the contest email address)

milenerdFlexPerks Flight Giveaway

Monday Triple

  • Bust out those Ink cards again by Saturday at Staples. This time it’s $20 back if you buy $300 in Visa gift cards.
  • Definitely not from my favorite bank, but the Cathay Pacific card bonus doubled and is up to 50,000 points.
  • Speaking of Cathay, you can get a 20% bonus on point transfers there from Citi ThankYou.

milenerdMonday Triple