Delta Award Sale

If booking with Delta by tomorrow, you can save miles on trips to Seattle or Portland. You’ll need to plug in some cities and dates to see what comes up. Unfortunately, I didn’t find much luck with the options I tried. Guess I was…

…barking up the dong tree.

Or maybe…just maybe…

…I took a dong turn along the way.

(Please accept my deepest apologies for those two puns)

milenerdDelta Award Sale

Hawaii Fare Deals

If you’ve been thinking about a paid flight to Hawaii this year, it’s probably time to turn thinking into clicking. Good deals are being found from multiple cities to multiple islands on multiple airlines. Personally, I like using my Avios points for trips to Hawaii…but that usually requires a LOT of flexibility. I’m seeing some strong deals with this one. Worth checking out. Thanks to reader Colin for regularly reaching out with stuff like this.

milenerdHawaii Fare Deals

Flower Deals

Thanks to reader Rob for sharing 2 more Valentine’s Day deals from 1-800-Flowers…

Get 1,750 Southwest points (or JetBlue miles) for spending $34.99 or more.

These links are probably the best of the bunch (bad pun intended), but you can see the other flower deals here. Have a great weekend, nerds!

milenerdFlower Deals

Hotel Promos

Big thanks to reader Greg for sending these in:

  • Check your IHG Accelerate offers again. Some readers like Greg are seeing new stuff (such as 10,000 bonus points for a paid Kimpton night) that’s stackable with the old.
  • Here’s one from Hilton for a free fourth night. If you’re a fan of paradise.
  • Try plugging in your Starwood number here to see if you’re targeted for any offers. I was not. Blah.

milenerdHotel Promos

Hilton Match

Thanks to reader Troy for sharing that the Hilton status match offer has been extended. You should be in good shape if you have Hyatt, IHG, Marriott, or Starwood status. If you’ve got something else, I’d still give it a shot. Not my favorite hotel brand in the world but their Diamond status definitely comes in handy.

milenerdHilton Match