Tip When Churning Cards

Make your life easier. Always talk to a representative when activating any new credit card. Confirm (1) The amount of bonus miles you’ll be receiving, (2) How much money you need to spend, and (3) The date you need to spend it by. Trust me on this. You’ll be in much better shape with any disagreements if you  handle them at activation.

milenerdTip When Churning Cards

Southwest Airlines Card – 2 Free Round-Trips

Great Southwest credit card offer to report!

I’d still get the Sapphire card first (click here for the credit card page) but they’re both great choices. If you haven’t applied for a Chase card in the last 30 days, you should grab one of these. Here’s the details:

  • 50,000 points (enough for 2 Wanna Get Away round-trips)
  • 6,000 points on every anniversary date (equal to $100 towards Wanna Get Away fares)
  • Annual fee of $99 is not waived
  • Click here to apply
milenerdSouthwest Airlines Card – 2 Free Round-Trips

26,000 US Airways Miles To Fix Your Eyes (Ending Soon)

This is a long way to go for some miles, but if you’re considering Lasik…

Click here for the details. 1000 miles for the exam and another 25,000 if you do the procedure. This ends July 23rd.

milenerd26,000 US Airways Miles To Fix Your Eyes (Ending Soon)

“Cancelling” Your Citi American Airlines Card

If you have the personal Visa or Amex I talked about here, you’ve already picked up at least 75,000 American Airlines miles. Here’s a quick way to grab a few more:

Call the number on the back of the credit card. Tell them you want to cancel because of annual fees or better miles on another card. They will immediately transfer you to the retention department and offer you a deal. My deal was an $85 statement credit and 750 extra miles per month (for 12 months). Give it a shot and see what you can get!

milenerd“Cancelling” Your Citi American Airlines Card