United Months of Miles Is Complete

I posted about this promotion for a week straight last September. If you took part in it, check your United Airlines balance immediately. Its been a long wait, but today I made a grand total of 247,000 miles! This is the greatest mileage promotion I’ve ever been a part of. Something like this might only come along once a year, so obviously you should jump on it if you get the chance.

milenerdUnited Months of Miles Is Complete

Continental Airlines Credit Card

Today is the last full day to apply for the Chase Continental credit card. Some people with a gambling spirit are giving it a shot even though the terms say it disqualifies you from collecting a bonus on the United Explorer card. Click here to apply (25,000 miles after first use + 5,000 miles for adding a user).

milenerdContinental Airlines Credit Card

Platinum Hotel Status At Accor

If you missed this one in October, you have another shot. Get free Platinum status at Accor Hotels (their Sofitel brand is amazing). It’s nice to have, since you can get other hotel brands to match your status, which is great for upgrades, late checkout, etc. Click here.

milenerdPlatinum Hotel Status At Accor

How To Meet Minimum Spend For Credit Card Bonuses?

Last year was so easy. I ordered 1,000 dollar coins every few days and had no problem meeting the minimum spend on any credit card. This year is a little more challenging. Some people are using WilliamPaid to pay their rent or mortgage for a fee. Personally, I find it way too expensive.

To me, a better choice is Amazon Payments. You can send up to $1000 per month to a friend using your credit cards. Yes, you could try to get around the $1000 limit, but lots of people who open multiple accounts are getting shut down. I play this one safe by (1) Sending smaller payments, and (2) Sending them to people with a different last name.

milenerdHow To Meet Minimum Spend For Credit Card Bonuses?