End Of Week Stuff

  • Like many of you, I added 100,000 IHG points to my stash last week. Save 50% redeeming them at some international properties.
  • Register here to get 1,000 bonus United miles for every Hilton night through the end of October.
  • There’s an increased offer on Delta’s “fancy” Reserve card. It probably isn’t worth the $450 fee unless status or lounge access are huge priorities for you.
  • If you’re interested enough in 500,000 Qatar Airways miles to do this, please let me know because I sure as hell want to hear that story.

Have a great weekend, nerds!


milenerdEnd Of Week Stuff

Social Media Marriott Points

Ever met an overeager spaz at the bar who desperately wants to exchange phone numbers and then spills his drink all over you?

That’s Marriott.

They really, REALLY want to connect to you and your social media accounts.

For some reason, their hashtag #MRpoints wasn’t good enough so they’ve renamed it #RewardsPoints

This seems random and pointless.

The positive part of their spaziness?


It’s now 250 points each for connecting Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts to Marriott Rewards.

The cap for this new version will also be a lot higher (45,000 points).

The old terms were here. And I’ll edit this whenever I figure out the new stuff.

How does the connecting happen?

How do you actually get those 45,000 points?

They haven’t given many answers because…well, communication isn’t their specialty.

I don’t actually know what is.

Hopefully their next hashtag will be #WeSuckAtPromos

**Edited link here**


milenerdSocial Media Marriott Points

Midweek Triple

  • If you like freebies, download the Lufthansa app and log in for an easy 500 miles.
  • If you like legroom,  book today for JetBlue’s sale.
  • If you like awkward singing by flight attendants, check out the domestic and international sale prices from Southwest. Book by tomorrow.



milenerdMidweek Triple

The Top 25 Credit Cards

(If you see any errors, please let me know. I try to keep a full list, but it’s a lot of information and I do make mistakes)


Significant Changes Since Last Month:
-Added new Hyatt link.
-IHG bonus increased.
-Citi Thank You Premier up to 50,000 online.
-Amtrak back to 30,000.
-Citi Prestige increased to 75,000.
-New link for the American Airlines Executive card.
-New link for the old Virgin Atlantic bonus from Bank of America.
-Delta offers working via the Flyertalk referral thread.
-Some readers getting Amex Platinum offers by calling.

Before Playing This Game:
-Find a new hobby until you can pay off all balances each month.
-Take 5 seconds to confirm a bonus is what you expect.
-Get a screenshot of the bonus in case you have issues collecting it later.
-Take 2 minutes to read the small print before applying.
(Look for “once in a lifetime,” “no bonus for cardholders in last 24 months,” etc.)
-Keep everything very organized in a spreadsheet. You’ll thank me later.


Time for my monthly Top 25 Credit Cards. It’s called “Top 25” out of tradition, but you’ll get many more links than that below. Again, if you’re a rookie, make sure you read The Newbie Guide. It’s a little outdated but many basic questions can still be answered there. For people running out of cards, remember there’s often a Business card option. Also, “churning” (getting the same card more than once) might be an option. The dates here were a guideline but things always tend to vary individually. If you’re new, it might be wise to start with Chase cards because of the limitations they’ll place on you soon.

Miles and points are far from an equal currency. 50,000 Delta SkyMiles are worth less to me than that amount from Alaska Airlines. 25,000 Hyatt points mean way more than the same number from Hilton. And so on. These links work right now (August 1st at midnight). If you read this later, many of the offers will have changed. Things move fast so read offer details and terms before applying. Especially all that small print when you’re trying to get bonuses more than once on the same card. Ok, enough chatter…here we go! My “Top 25” current credit cards are below.

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milenerdThe Top 25 Credit Cards

Million Mile Contest Today

Got a selfie and a picture of a “cultural experience” from your travels? That’s all you need to give this one a shot today. It’s ending in a few hours so, at the very least, you’ll get to see a cool combination of your two images. Winners get a million miles from whichever of the Star Alliance airlines they choose.

milenerdMillion Mile Contest Today