50,000 Miles From DirecTV

I’ve posted increased offers from DirecTV in the past. But this promo worth 50,000 American miles got my attention. Maybe I’ve gone fully senile, but I don’t remember seeing anything above 30,000 before. Worth looking at if you’re considering DirecTV and aren’t under contract anywhere else. The page looked different both times I loaded it, so try different browsers (or incognito) if you don’t see it.

milenerd50,000 Miles From DirecTV

Discounted Delta Miles For Magazines

Thanks to reader Carl for sharing this one. Not sure how long these prices will last. Just 100 Delta SkyDongs for subscriptions to magazines like:

  • Entertainment Weekly
  • Sports Illustrated
  • Vogue
  • Golf Magazine
  • Golf Digest
  • Money
  • New York Magazine
  • Health
  • Better Home And Gardens
  • Martha Stewart Living
  • National Geographic Traveler
  • Reader’s Digest
  • Rolling Stone
  • Taste Of Home
  • Yoga Journal

milenerdDiscounted Delta Miles For Magazines

Monday Triple

  • Delta keeps finding new ways to be terrible. In their latest installment of suckage, they just made partner awards significantly more expensive. Is it even fair calling their currency “SkyPesos” anymore? It seems to me that’s an insult to Pesos. But what currency is worth less? A Rupee? Maybe a Vietnamese Dong? Hmm…that’s not bad. Yeah, let’s make that official. On the MileNerd blog, Delta SkyMiles will now be referred to as…Delta SkyDongs.
  • This year’s Daily Getaways sale is back. Probably just just this one post from me. If you’re a fan, make sure to look at the calendar to see if anything stands out. Looks like they’re only showing the first 2 weeks of deals right now.
  • Nerds With Inks are on fire lately. Last week was Mastercards. This week, Office Depot and Office Max are giving us $15 off $300 in Visa gift cards (through Saturday). As always, try to find a friendly employee and ring up as many separate transactions as you can.

milenerdMonday Triple

End Of Week Stuff

  • If you’re booking a JetBlue award flight (for travel between May 2nd and June 7th), do it by tomorrow. You’ll save 20% of your points as long as you’re flying on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday. No promo code needed. May 24th to May 30th isn’t included.
  • After a short hiatus, the British Airways card is back up to 100,000 points if you spend a ton of money. Still good for 50,000 points if you don’t.
  • There’s a strong chance the free-for-all gravy train days are over with Bank of America. Hopefully you took advantage of these last few years. Basically, B of A was that house on Halloween with a “Take One” sign and a giant bowl of candy. Looks like they’ll be a regular, boring neighbor handing out 3 pieces of candy corn now. Oh well…it’s hard to be too bitter about something that lasted this long. Man, it was a good run…

Have a great weekend, nerds!

milenerdEnd Of Week Stuff

Latest Reduced Mileage Awards

The latest Reduced Mileage Awards are out (if you have an American Airlines card). As American miles get more challenging to use, these become increasingly useful. Thanks to reader Ian for the email.



milenerdLatest Reduced Mileage Awards