Gift Card Discounts

Save $10 when spending $100 on already discounted gift cards from Raise today.

Also save $20 on $100 gift cards in-store at Office Depot for a couple of weeks. The gift cards are those for GameStop, Ruby Tuesday, Domino’s Pizza, Michaels, Catherines, the Olive Garden family of restaurants, Chili’s, Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy. As usual, this is especially attractive for those earning 5x points with Ink cards. Non-Ink nerds should check their American Express Offers to see if there’s an Office Depot deal there to save another 10 bucks.

milenerdGift Card Discounts

Customer Service Of The Year

My final thanks of this Thanksgiving week is for the best customer service experience I received in 2017…

New York City is a regular destination for MileNerd readers. The Andaz 5th Avenue is one of the most popular hotels there (thanks to Hyatt and Ultimate Rewards points). I’ve had mixed experiences at that property but there’s one exceptional employee who goes far out of his way to make guests happy. Michael Sanchez really cares. He cares if you have a good stay. He cares if you have a great vacation. And he’s responsible for the best customer service experience I had with anyone in the travel industry this year. Many of you will stay at the Andaz at some point. Give Michael a call. I’m very confident saying he’ll take care of you.

Have a great weekend, nerds!

milenerdCustomer Service Of The Year

What (Who) I’m Thankful For Here

We’re all self-involved.

That doesn’t mean everyone is a selfish asshole (even though some are).

And it doesn’t mean we’re incapable of being generous, loving people.

But no well-adjusted, healthy human spends every moment thinking of others.

If you meet someone who believes otherwise…run quickly in the opposite direction.

That’s probably the craziest person you’ll meet that day.

It is our right…no, our responsibility…to pursue happiness in our lives.

We’ll never inspire anyone if we don’t do things that make us feel alive (without harming others).

If someone doesn’t deeply understand why they need to be at the center of their own life…they’ve got serious problems.

If we don’t handle our own shit with ourselves, how can we be a real help to anyone else?

Neglect yourself and become  an emotional burden.

A ticking time bomb.

So, yeah, to varying degrees we’re all self-involved.

We need to be.

Ever notice how some of your annoying friends don’t budge on any perspectives even with new information?

Self-involved to an asshole degree.

Have a buddy so happy, loving, and confident that you instantly feel better just by being around them?

Self-involved in a healthy way.

As you know, I’ve posted multiple contests here over the last couple of years.

The “easy” entries are when people just need to send a blank email.

I regularly receive thousands of responses for contests like those.

But when I ask people to actually “do” anything, the number drops drastically.

And, hey, there’s nothing wrong with that.

People don’t typically come here to give me anything…they’re here to get.

I totally understand that.

Zero issues with it.

But I want to talk to the very small minority who seem just a little different.

The people who reach out and genuinely try to find a way to give something back.

Those who have actually taken a minute in the last 6 years to try help me in some small way.

With no actual knowledge of your real life, you do seem to be…different.

At least as blog readers go.

And I’ve noticed you.

I don’t spend every day here talking about how I don’t do this for money, likes, hits or any of the stuff I don’t care about.

But I’ll talk about it now.

There does have to be a reason I’m still doing this, right?

I can’t hate shady blogs like bowtie that much, can I?

Well, kind of.

But the reason I do this is because of you guys who are a little different.

If you didn’t exist, I’d be gone tomorrow.

I don’t actually care what any other readers or scumbag bloggers think about me.

I only care about what you say.

Yesterday’s contest required the most “work” yet from people…

…and, as expected, I received the fewest entries.

But the question was important to me and some people cared about that.

Those readers matter to me.

They show up in different ways every day.

Every time I see a reader who seems different or exceptional in some way…I keep track of those names.

There will be a time in the not-so-distant future when I’ll send out a few special invitations.

I’ve been on the lookout for people who seem a little different.

I’ve noticed you.

You’re literally the only reason I still do this.

I’ll return the favor soon to those who have cared about giving to me, even in small ways.

I’m thankful for you.



milenerdWhat (Who) I’m Thankful For Here

Flight Giveaway

One final flight giveaway left this year. It can be one-way or round-trip, but the total must be under $400. Like the last one, this VERY generous gift is courtesy of Assaf the king of spending. Thank you so much, man, for being such a good friend of the blog. The flight must be booked by the end of this month.

I’ll pick one reader at random on Sunday night. Here’s the requirement to enter…

Send me an email to the address below. The subject should be “Assaf Flight Giveaway.” In the email, please share with me why you love or hate your job. The specific reason.  If you don’t feel that strongly about your job (or don’t have one), then please share with me why specifically you love something…anything…in your life.

Shit, if nothing else, I’m curious about people. These answers will be part of a very long-term writing project I’m working on. If you actually put some thought into your response, it will be very helpful to me. Entries are due Sunday morning. Thanks and good luck!

milenerdFlight Giveaway

Black Friday Hotel Deals

I heard from Tom over at Extreme Hotel Deals last week. He wanted me to mention a couple of resources that might be helpful to MileNerd readers. The first is a VERY detailed list of Black Friday/Cyber Monday hotel deals. And the other is a monthly list of hotel status match opportunities. Obviously, I wouldn’t share these links if they weren’t good. But I checked both out and it’s impressive stuff. Worth taking a look.


milenerdBlack Friday Hotel Deals