Wyndham Promo

Good promo here from Wyndham. Two stays before July and you’ll get a free night anywhere (15,000 points). Make sure you register for it before heading to a hotel. Obviously, if you can find cheap options for the 2 stays, this gets even more interesting.

milenerdWyndham Promo

Miles For Romantics

Are you incredibly rich, devastatingly handsome, or blessed with the physique of a young Lorenzo Lamas?

If not, you probably find yourself sending flowers every February. Some of the options that’ll earn you points (pun intended) this Valentine’s Day are:

  • 30 United miles per dollar at FTD or 1-800-Flowers
  • 30 American miles per dollar at FTD
  • 30 Delta SkyDongs per dollar at FTD
  • 1,000 Southwest points if you spend $29.99 or more at 1-800-Flowers
  • 30 Hawaiian miles per dollar at 1-800-Flowers or 1,500 miles at Teleflora

At this time, I’d also like to apologize to the greatest athlete of our generation – Napoleon Foles. I never should have doubted him. Poor chump Tom Brady now begins the brutal process of moving forward with a symmetrical face, worldwide fame, millions in the bank, and a supermodel wife. Let’s hope he makes it.


milenerdMiles For Romantics

End Of Week Stuff

If you have an American card,  look at the latest Reduced Mileage Awards. If you have the Hyatt card, register for this. And if you have money you’re trying to lose…bet on Nick “Napoleon” Foles to win the Super Bowl on Sunday. Have a great weekend, nerds!


milenerdEnd Of Week Stuff

The Top 25 Credit Cards

(If you see any errors, please let me know. I try to keep a full list, but it’s a lot of information and I do make mistakes)


Significant Changes Since Last Month:
-JetBlue, Wyndham, and Delta removed (for now).
-Updated Southwest, Alaska, and Hawaiian links.
-New Hilton cards all added.
-$500 bonus on SimplyCash Plus card.
-Increased bonuses on BMO Harris cards.
-New Citi ThankYou Premier link.
-New Marriott links for 75,000 points.
-Dummy booking on IHG is bringing up 80,000-point offers.
-LAN changed to LATAM and bonus went up.
-FlexPerks up to 25,000 from 20,000. Also, the better Olympic bonus is available in-branch.


Before Playing This Game:
-Find a new hobby until you can pay off all balances each month.
-Take a second to look at what you’re applying for and confirm a bonus is what you expect.
-Get a screenshot of the bonus description in case you have issues collecting it later.
-Take 2 minutes to read the small print before applying.
(Look for “once in a lifetime,” “no bonus for cardholders in last 24 months,” etc.)
-Keep everything very organized in a spreadsheet. You’ll thank me later.


Time for my monthly Top 25 Credit Cards. It’s called “Top 25” out of tradition, but you’ll get many more links than that below. Again, if you’re a rookie, make sure you read The Newbie Guide. It’s a little outdated but many basic questions can still be answered there. For people running out of cards, remember there’s often a Business card option. Also, “churning” (getting the same card more than once) might be an option. The dates here were a guideline but things always tend to vary individually. If you’re new, it might be wise to start with Chase cards because of the limitations they’ll place on you soon.

Miles and points are far from an equal currency. 50,000 Delta SkyMiles are worth less to me than that amount from Alaska Airlines. 25,000 Hyatt points mean way more than the same number from Hilton. And so on. These links work right now (February 1st at midnight). If you read this later, many of the offers will have changed. Things move fast so read offer details and terms before applying. Especially all that small print when you’re trying to get bonuses more than once on the same card. Ok, enough chatter…here we go! My “Top 25” current credit cards are below.

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milenerdThe Top 25 Credit Cards

1,000 Singapore Miles

If you don’t have a KrisFlyer account from Singapore Airlines yet, this is a good time to get one. Pick up 1,000 miles for signing up before the end of March. The miles do take a few weeks to show up (for some reason). It’s so slow that I’m remembering “yo mama” jokes from the nineties:

KrisFlyer is so slow, they get a parking ticket when they cross the road…

KrisFlyer is so slow, it takes them two hours to watch 60 Minutes…

Yeah, I’ll stop now.


milenerd1,000 Singapore Miles