More Free La Quinta Points

Link a Visa card and a cell phone number to pick up 1,500 easy points. This expired at the end of March but it’s back (through June 30th). If you signed up before, I have no idea if you can unsubscribe and register again. If anyone has that answer, please let me know. Thanks!

**I didn’t look through all the entries yesterday, but did see a few incomplete emails. I thought it was pretty clear, but if you want to be considered, make sure you include the requested information (in the bulleted list). If you skipped that part, no big deal. Just send another email by Friday. Again, I’ll reach out to the 3 winners over the weekend.**

milenerdMore Free La Quinta Points

Free Award Booking

Loyal reader David is an experienced award booker. He just launched a new website and asked me to write a post on his behalf. That’s always tricky for me because I feel like I should experience a product before I endorse it.

David totally understood.

So he has very generously volunteered to waive his fee for 3 lucky readers. It will help me get a better idea of his work before writing a post. Happy to pass this opportunity on to you guys. Here’s what I need:

  • Dates and cities of travel (plus how flexible you are with those)
  • Number of passengers
  • Mile/point balances available for this booking

Again, David isn’t going to charge the winners anything for his services. If selected, I just ask that you please give me some feedback – what you thought of his work, if you feel the usual pricing would be fair, etc.

Interested? Please email me by the end of Friday with the subject “Award Booking.” I’ll reach out to 3 winners over the weekend (they’ll be randomly selected).

Thanks again David for your generous offer!


milenerdFree Award Booking

Staples Gift Card Promo

Nerds With Inks have had a busy month. Through Saturday at Staples, get 20 bucks back when you buy $300 (or more) in Mastercard gift cards. The attraction, as always, is 5 points per dollar with our Ink cards. Same small print with Staples – it’s limited to one offer, but some of you will find a way…

milenerdStaples Gift Card Promo

United Miles For Dining

Grab an easy 500 miles for registering any credit card with United’s new dining program here. Make it 4,000 if you do a little eating (and spending). Have a great weekend, nerds!

milenerdUnited Miles For Dining

4/20 Ride Deals In Denver

Reader Steve sent the most random deal email of 2017. And, of course, I had to make it today’s post. Guys, Stoner Steve is VERY excited about this day. Like almost frighteningly so. Apparently Uber in Denver is joining the celebration. Lyft is also part of the festivities there and they’ll be offering free/discounted rides too. You don’t know how much this means to Steve. The guy really loves 4/20.

milenerd4/20 Ride Deals In Denver