Super Bowling

Thanks to reader Paul for sharing these Super Bowl auctions from Starwood. Not sure I’d call it “value,” but these definitely got my attention. Probably won’t be of much interest unless you’re a sports fan or rich with Marriott/SPG points.

milenerdSuper Bowling

Intercontinental Promo

Sign in and register for IHG’s latest Accelerate promo to see what your offer is. It could be tens of thousands of extra points for stays you were going to make anyway. Or it could be a whole lot of nothing. Probably won’t be your favorite promo of all time but it shouldn’t take more than a few seconds. Let me know if you get anything exceptional. Have a great weekend, nerds!




milenerdIntercontinental Promo

Wyndham Increase

Here’s a new link for the Wyndham card from Barclays. It’s back up to 45,000 points (good for 3 nights). I continue to have an inconsistent relationship with this bank. Sometimes they love me and sometimes they look at me like I’m eating a steak in the middle of their vegan restaurant. Wyndham points definitely seem to be more valuable to me than most. I’ve gotten great value from this currency. Decent chance I’ll be applying soon.


milenerdWyndham Increase

Buying Miles

What are the odds of me buying miles?

Well, they’re not good.

Probably a better chance of me going to the ballet.

Or eating fish from a drive-thru.

Or giving an enthusiastic belly rub to a dog…and then its owner.

But if you somehow lack all other good options…there’s a not-totally-embarrassing price available for United or American miles right now.

I will not be taking advantage.

milenerdBuying Miles

FlexPerks Promos

Some of you are big fans of FlexPerks points (I am too). If you’re a cardholder and haven’t looked at your promos lately, give it a quick click. I’m seeing some bonuses like 2,000 points for a little spending and 500 points for connecting my cell phone number for “mobile rewards.” Might be worth logging in to see what pops up for you.


milenerdFlexPerks Promos