5,000 American Miles

Have a solar panel consultation for 5,000 American miles. For the few of you who actually get these installed, grab another 25,000 miles. Limited states.


milenerd5,000 American Miles

Challenge Hyatt Diamond By Friday

After posting about Hilton Gold a couple days ago, I heard from a few of you about Hyatt. I didn’t know it, but apparently Friday is the last day to register for their new Diamond Challenge. Sure, the Diamond challenge isn’t what it used to be, and it will be back in some form…but you might want to enroll tomorrow if you’re looking to get in under the current rules.


milenerdChallenge Hyatt Diamond By Friday

750 Free United Miles

I’ve had this up for 2 months, but a bunch of you sent a new link for it this week. Not sure if something has changed or if I’m just repeating myself. Either way, you should sign up for this if you haven’t already. Such an easy 750 miles, with 1,000 more if you make a purchase.


milenerd750 Free United Miles

Fast Track To Hilton Gold

For me, hotel status is only a huge deal when you reach the top levels (Hyatt Diamond, Starwood Platinum, etc). For mid-tier status, the benefits are pretty limited. Still, as middle-of-the-road status goes, Hilton Gold might be the best of the bunch. Get to that level here with 3 stays in 90 days.


milenerdFast Track To Hilton Gold

Read The Terms

This is a friendly reminder to read the small print when applying for cards.


It seems simple enough, right?

So just do it.

Take the extra 30 seconds to notice important phrases like:

“Bonus not available to applicants who have had this product in the last 12 months.”

As long as I’ve been doing this and with as much as I know…I still made 3 dumb mistakes this year. I moved a little too fast, didn’t pay enough attention, and it cost me 3 bonuses. Ugh. Rookie mistakes.

Sure, the credit card churning game is trickier than it was a couple years ago. No doubt about that. Barclays can be a pain, Chase is pickier than ever, Amex limits personal bonuses to once-in-a-lifetime, and even Bank Of America is getting annoying.

So don’t make it harder on yourself.

Stay organized and read the small print.


milenerdRead The Terms