Monday Amex Pair

Many of you wait for American Express transfer bonuses to pop up. Here’s a solid 30% one from Etihad.

Also, there’s a big increase (temporarily) on the Amex Mercedes Benz Platinum card. 75,000 points for spending $3,000 in 3 months. As usual, there’s a huge annual fee on this one as well as big benefits.

milenerdMonday Amex Pair

Diary Of A Domestic Flight

Meeting different types of people. It’s one my favorite parts of traveling. That being said, here’s a running diary I wrote on a recent flight to Austin…


The hippie next to me just ordered a beer. It’s 8:00 AM.

I think this guy could be one of the top 50 most interesting people in the world.

He has one credit card and a little cash. It’s wrapped in a rubber band with his ID, which he just pulled out of his poncho.

Apparently, he’s had the one card for so long that it no longer works.

The flight attendant tried swiping it 25 times and it’s not happening…

But he’s so sweet and charming that she just comped his beer.

He tried talking her out if it, whispering “It’s all good.” He really didn’t want to hold up the drink service any longer for the other passengers but she insisted.

The ID/card/money band has returned to his poncho. Beer on the way!

It’s 8:10 AM.

Everyone loves him. The entire world is his best friend.

Now he’s bobbing his head to “the music.” He has no headphones or ipod of any kind. There is no music playing.

He has finished drinking his beer. It took him 45 seconds.

I told him I can put the next one on my card since he’s still somehow trying to pay with cash. His whispered, “That’s so dope of you.”

He is now back to bobbing his head to the “music.”

He just pulled out a rubix cube! I haven’t seen one of these in at least a decade. Wow.

That was fast. The cube is back in his yarn man purse.

What!? He just pulled out a flip phone! What year is this!? Time has no meaning anymore.

He’s now officially on the top 20 most interesting human list.

Now he’s talking to a child as if he’s never witnessed one on this planet before.

The kid loves him. Just like everyone else.

To paint this picture…he has a blond ponytail, a hand-sewn yellow sweater, cutoff khaki shorts, and the yarn purse. Plus his flip phone and cube.

Oh, and he’s still wearing his sunglasses.

Beer 2 has arrived.

It’s 8:49 AM.

He thanked me yet again and asked if I wanted a sip.

He has just pulled out professional grade headphones and is in a full-on music trance.

The kid wants to play with him but he’s in a faraway world of music.

Aaaaaand he’s snoring.

Hmm, with him asleep, this is turning into a regular flight. Maybe I should flick some water on him.

YES! Turbulence strikes and he’s awake. You know that person who wakes up all cranky? This guy is the exact opposite. It’s like he’s part puppy.

Part man, part puppy. I shall call him muppy.

He needed to pee but really didn’t want to bother me. So he just kept looking gently in my direction until I noticed.

On his way back from peeing, I think he was seriously considering climbing over me. He really didn’t want me to have to stand up. He’s a hippie angel.

Asleep again. Poor muppy has been having some nightmares. He’s twitching and waking himself up. But he still can’t stop himself from smiling if he makes eye contact with anyone. Muppy.

Goodbye sweet muppy. We’ve landed in Austin (where 98% of muppies are from).

He just gave me the most tender bro shake that 2 straight men could ever share.

It’s hard to say goodbye.

milenerdDiary Of A Domestic Flight

2 Hotel Deals

The last 2 Daily Getaways deals I like are today and tomorrow.

  • My favorite option with today’s deal is a solid price at one of my favorite Maui hotels (the Fairmont).
    • By the way, if you’re interested in other Fairmont properties, there’s a 20% bonus for gift cards on Wednesday (just 3 hours to buy).
  • Friday’s deal is by far the best Daily Getaways option this year. A great price on Hyatt points. If you’re interested in this one, you might have to be a little lucky. There will be plenty of buyers and not many packages for sale.

milenerd2 Hotel Deals

United Dining Miles

If you haven’t signed up for United’s dining program yet, here’s a way to earn 5,000 miles. Definitely easier for big city people…some of you in small towns will have a hard time finding restaurant choices that qualify.

milenerdUnited Dining Miles

Two Favorites Return

The Chase Ink 70,000 point offer is back through mid-May. This is part of a Small Business Week promotion and it looks like you’ll need to apply in-branch.

Also, IHG Pointbreaks is back at the usual bargain rate of 5,000 points per night. Obviously a great deal if you find a property you’d like to stay in.

milenerdTwo Favorites Return