Triple Tens

  • If you have a Hyatt card, make sure to register here. Just takes a second and you’ll get 10% of your points back when booking a stay for the next 3 months.
  • Save 10% on your Uber rides here. Because who doesn’t want to make a charming CEO like this a little richer.
  • Get $10 off of Visa gift cards at Vons/Safeway. One discount per account. Make sure to load the offer first.

milenerdTriple Tens

5,000+ Car Rental Miles

A few of you guys shared various emailed offers from Hertz and United. If you got one for over 5,000 miles, that’s obviously a pretty strong deal for a rental (using codes CDP 62455 and PC 305023). Make sure you look at your United/Hertz email from the last couple of days to see if you got one of the good ones. Reader Hope also shared a fun example of how far some of these things can be pushed. It’s also a nice reminder of how nuts we all are.



milenerd5,000+ Car Rental Miles

Airbnb Giveaway

Big thanks to readers Ryan, Andy, and Ahmad for reaching out to help with my situation earlier this month. It was thisclose to getting ugly but communication once again saved the day. Andy’s kind and helpful connection did the trick. He was so kind and helpful, in fact, that he wanted to do something to increase the goodwill here. So yadda yadda yadda…

I now have three $100 Airbnb gift cards to give away to readers. If you want to enter:

  • A blank email is fine. Just write “Airbnb gift card” as the subject.
  • Send it to the contest email below.
  • I’ll reach out to 3 random winners over the weekend so make sure you reply by Friday 11:00 PM PST.


milenerdAirbnb Giveaway

Delta Increased Bonuses

Some good bonuses just popped up if you’re in the market for a pile of SkyDongs:

  • Personal Platinum – 70,000 miles and a $100 credit. Annual fee ($195) not waived.
  • Business Platinum – Same as above.
  • Personal Gold – 60,000 miles and a $50 credit. Annual fee waived the first year.
  • Business Gold – Same as above.

Seems like a pretty good time for some dongs. Have a great weekend, nerds!


milenerdDelta Increased Bonuses

Thursday Triple

  • You can now earn Delta SkyDongs for rides with Lyft. Hopefully you’re already getting Starwood points from Uber.
  • Another Southwest sale worth waking up for is here (for fall travel between 8/22 and 11/1).
  • Each of the 21 Star Alliance are giving away a million miles here. Not the quickest entry, but it’s a cool prize.

milenerdThursday Triple