750 United Miles

Grab the easiest 750 United miles around by signing up for Mypoints. Pick up another 1,000 miles if you make a $25 purchase within a month. Quick and painless. But there is still one question…does anyone like United anymore?


milenerd750 United Miles

Thursday’s Deals

Lots of good stuff to get to…

  • How about a Bank of America Alaska Airlines checking account worth 25,000 miles? There’s no shortage of good financial deals (the Capital One 360 savings account worth up to $500, the 50,000 miles for investments, BankDirect) but I really like this B of A deal. Probably just a soft spot after getting so many easy Alaska miles for so long.
  • Rocketmiles is back with another first stay deal. This time, it’s 5,000 Southwest points. Competitor Kaligo also increased their offers (United and American) to 2,000 miles for a first booking under $500. It’s 5,000 miles over that amount.
  • Quick and easy one for the gamblers…share vacation pictures and win 50,000 Wyndham points.
  • Get decent discounts if you’re looking to buy Hilton, Hyatt, or Starwood points this week. Hilton’s offer is probably the best deal. I can’t believe I just typed that sentence.
  • Starwood’s latest Hot Escapes include some pretty good deals this round.
  • And here’s a Radisson promo that’s potentially even better. Book a 2-night stay and get 50% off the best rate for your next trip. As usual, the idea is to do the first one cheap and use the discount somewhere nice.


milenerdThursday’s Deals

More Freebies

Thanks to reader Ian…

“Hey MileNerd –

Thanks for the free miles. Here are a few more freebies for your readers: 1,000 from American Airlines, 2,000 from Turkish Airlines for kids, 500 points from LaQuinta, 100 from Air Canada, 500 for signing up with Aeroflot, 300 to 400 from Hong Kong Airlines, and 1,000 from Malaysian Airlines. Keep up the great work!



milenerdMore Freebies

9,500 Free Miles

1,500 easy Spirit Airlines miles for taking a quiz (or just clicking in post 6 at the link). You can also add the still-there 8,000 miles for sharing your opinion on why airlines suck. Shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes total.


milenerd9,500 Free Miles

Auctions Ending Today

It’s like Ebay for nerds. Some pretty good deals (as of right now) on auctions for miles, points, car rentals, and hotel stays. A few of these are ending in a few hours. Check them out here.


milenerdAuctions Ending Today