Black Friday Hotel Deals

I heard from Tom over at Extreme Hotel Deals last week. He wanted me to mention a couple of resources that might be helpful to MileNerd readers. The first is a VERY detailed list of Black Friday/Cyber Monday hotel deals. And the other is a monthly list of hotel status match opportunities. Obviously, I wouldn’t share these links if they weren’t good. But I checked both out and it’s impressive stuff. Worth taking a look.


milenerdBlack Friday Hotel Deals

Catching Up After The Weekend

  • If you’re from California and have never flown Alaska…here’ s 5,000 easy bonus miles for your first flight.
  • It’s even easier to pick up 4 bucks from Sears for each Uber ride.
  • Never that easy to win a contest. But I just can’t quit you, JetBlue.

milenerdCatching Up After The Weekend

Sunday Spending

Nerds with Inks are about to be busy again…

  • Get $15 back at Staples when you buy $300 in Visa/MasterCard gift cards.
  • Or $15 back at Office Depot when you buy $300 in Visas.

These are in-store deals from Sunday through Saturday. Both good but Office Depot is the better one to hit (instant discount vs. store gift card). As always, the idea is to get 5 points per dollar spent at office stores. Have a great weekend, nerds!



milenerdSunday Spending

Hyatt Double

Spend the millisecond it takes to register here for double Hyatt points through the end of the year.

Other things on my mind…

  • Cats are strange creatures. How confident am I that they won’t murder us one day? Not very.
  • The most underrated condiment is tartar sauce. Sriracha is the most overrated.
  • Are men in 2017 just trying to be as sexually unattractive to women as they can possibly be?
  • Don’t type LOL unless you’re actually laughing out loud. You’re not 7 years old.
  • Why the hell do people hate Guy Fieri so much? Is his blonde spiky hair really that annoying?
  • Lebron James is to Michael Jordan as Tim Allen is to Tom Hanks. There is no debate.
  • The new nervous twitch? Staring at an iPhone. Will the earth stay populated if no two humans ever make eye contact again?


milenerdHyatt Double

Hump Day Deals

Rapid-fire time…

  • There’s nothing as predictable as death and taxes. Except Southwest and JetBlue sales.
  • IHG has a 15 to 30% off sale going in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. It’s up to 50% for Europe.
  • Save some Delta SkyDongs to London (their domestic deal is still going too). I like these promos. It’s so nice to see dongs going a little further these days.
  • For me, Starwood’s Pay Your Birth Year promo is much like a Martin Lawrence movie. Not that good, but I get strangely excited whenever I see it.
  • The Capital One Spark credit card bonus is up to $1,000. Good money if spending $10,000 isn’t an issue.

milenerdHump Day Deals