Citibank Money For Some

Over the years, many of us have opened bank accounts at Citibank to earn American miles. But seeing a 1099 in the mail for the value of those miles probably made you annoyed like me. Well, maybe not that annoyed. But I doubt anyone was happy seeing American value their increasingly shitty currency at 2.5 cents per mile. Well, it’s payback time…

Citibank has settled a class action lawsuit. If you got a 1099 for one of these bank accounts, you should file a claim. It’s not the biggest settlement in the world but $245 (depending on tax rate) isn’t bad for a few minutes. Have a great weekend, nerds!

milenerdCitibank Money For Some

Money From Lyft

I know some people who don’t enjoy sports. I once had a buddy who didn’t ever want to eat cake. But I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like free money. Lyft is giving some away every weekend starting at 2:00 EST today. The freebie states are: New York, Colorado, Illinois, Florida, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Texas, Georgia, and DC.

milenerdMoney From Lyft

Air Canada Miles For Stays

Honestly, I like the people at Rocketmiles a lot more than the deals I’ve found there. But this one looks better than usual. If you have any paid hotel stays coming up, spend a minute doing a search here. For those to Rocketmiles, this promo will rack up Air Canada Aeroplan miles quickly.

milenerdAir Canada Miles For Stays

Tuesday Stuff

  • Here’s some decent promos from, Orbitz, and Travelocity…and, of course, another JetBlue sale. Remember that annoyed look on Michael Jordan’s face when he missed a dunk? Multiply it by 15 and that’s still me every time I pull out my wallet to pay money for travel.
  • Mentioned it a couple of months ago, but Wyndham points are usable for those Vegas properties now.
  • Earn some free Marriott points on Sundays. Nothing hard or time-consuming about this one.
  • Here’s a link for Bank Of America’s new “Premium” card. It’s a good 50,000-point bonus if you’re still getting approved by those guys.

milenerdTuesday Stuff

Hilton Points

Thanks to reader Scott for sharing a potential 100,000 Hilton points for military members transitioning back to civilian life. I’m clueless about this one but Scott says these contacts should help readers in some states who might qualify. The points are meant to “support travel related to job search activities.” Please let me know if this ends up working for you. If it’s legitimate, this is cool enough of Hilton that I might have to bite my tongue and stop criticizing them (at least for a few weeks).


milenerdHilton Points