Airbnb Hosting Bonus

You guys have lots of love for Airbnb. I learned that from the emails that started pouring in as soon as I mentioned a possible customer service issue. If you’ve only stayed as a guest, here’s a $200 bonus for creating your first listing as a host. You’ll need a booking by the end of August. Have a great weekend, nerds!

milenerdAirbnb Hosting Bonus

Hyatt Card Change

Hyatt’s card has been near the top of my Top 25 list for a long time. Since it’s getting worse in a week (downgrading to a 40,000-point bonus), this is probably our last look at a 2-night offer. One of the few Chase cards that heavy churners can still get approved for. Worth considering in the next few days for some of us.


milenerdHyatt Card Change

Midweek Triple

  • Some of you are seeing higher American Express bonuses again when opening the links in incognito mode. Worth a look if you planned to apply for a card anyway. As always, make sure you try different browsers.
  • Log in to your Southwest account and then click here to see if you’re targeted for an A-list promo. Multiple readers reached are seeing this one.
  • At this point, I’d be better off posting when Southwest doesn’t have a sale…but here’s another one. If you have any flights booked, check to see if the price dropped

milenerdMidweek Triple

Uber Dollar Ride Discount

Looks like there’s a way to get a dollar off per Uber ride for iPhone users. Haven’t tried it myself yet so I’m not sure if there’s a limit to how often it works. Please let me know any feedback and I’ll edit this post. Thanks!


milenerdUber Dollar Ride Discount

Staples Visa Cards

Nerds with Inks continue to enjoy 2017…

Buy $300 (or more) in Visa gift cards in-store at Staples this week and get $15 back. As always, this works best when buying two $200 cards. And, yes, there’s a decent chance I’ll be the cranky old guy at my store mumbling about how this is normally a $20 deal.

milenerdStaples Visa Cards