Last Day To Buy American Miles

Some of you are VERY well stocked with American Airlines miles. I know you took advantage of the big credit card offers, especially when you were able to pick up 100,000 miles a pop. Right? Right??

Well, if not, you can buy a few today. That isn’t my favorite strategy, but it’s a decent price for the right buyer. The sweet spot is 70,000 miles with 35,000 more as a free bonus. It’ll cost you around 2 cents a mile…4 times as much as the annual fee would have been on that 100,000-mile Executive card. Still a good deal for some. Not me, but some. Have a great weekend!


milenerdLast Day To Buy American Miles

New FlexPerks Card

If you spend thousands at grocery stores on…well, you know…the FlexPerks card is incredible. For every 20,000 points, you get another free flight up to $400. Such an underrated card for people who use it well. And now there’s a new 20,000-point bonus from Amex here. That’s in addition to the ol’ US Bank Personal and Business versions (20,000 each). If that isn’t enough, there are also the 10,000-point cards.  No shortage of ways to rack up these points…



milenerdNew FlexPerks Card

Wednesday Triple

  • 1,000 Hilton points for new members (insert joke about Hilton points here).
  • 70 American miles, 100 from Lufthansa, or 150 from Ethiad for writing hotel reviews.
  • A strong 50,000-mile offer for the Business version of the United card.


milenerdWednesday Triple

Amex Membership Rewards Bonuses

Attention Nerds:

This is a public service reminder that the British Airways transfer bonus of 40% ends on Saturday. You could also get a 35% bonus to Virgin America…but why?

Many of you have a pile of American Express points right now and British Avios come in handy. Very, very, very, very handy.

This has been a public service reminder.


milenerdAmex Membership Rewards Bonuses

15 Hilton Nights If You Can Write

Thanks to reader Sam for sending me this one. Hilton is looking for moms (or dads) who want to blog about travel. You get picked, go to a 1-day “training,” write 20 times in a year, and get 15 Hilton nights anywhere. Not bad if you’re interested in writing anyway. Obviously, if you do get picked, let me know and I’ll post about your new blog.



milenerd15 Hilton Nights If You Can Write