Read The Terms

This is a friendly reminder to read the small print when applying for cards.


It seems simple enough, right?

So just do it.

Take the extra 30 seconds to notice important phrases like:

“Bonus not available to applicants who have had this product in the last 12 months.”

As long as I’ve been doing this and with as much as I know…I still made 3 dumb mistakes this year. I moved a little too fast, didn’t pay enough attention, and it cost me 3 bonuses. Ugh. Rookie mistakes.

Sure, the credit card churning game is trickier than it was a couple years ago. No doubt about that. Barclays can be a pain, Chase is pickier than ever, Amex limits personal bonuses to once-in-a-lifetime, and even Bank Of America is getting annoying.

So don’t make it harder on yourself.

Stay organized and read the small print.


milenerdRead The Terms

PointBreaks Is Back

Intercontinental (IHG) has posted their latest PointBreaks list. As usual, these are 5,000 points per night. Also as usual, this is one of the best deals in the world of hotel points. Take a look at the list here.


milenerdPointBreaks Is Back

Uber Ice Cream

What can I say, I’m a sucker for Uber. These promos always get my attention. If you have a Capital One card as your payment method, get some free ice cream from Uber today. More importantly, you can still get 20% off of every Uber ride you take with the Quicksilver card.


milenerdUber Ice Cream

Increased Delta Card Offer

The good news? This offer is for 60,000 miles.

The bad news? These are still Delta SkyMiles.


milenerdIncreased Delta Card Offer

Wednesday’s Deals

So much to get to….let’s do it!

  • Up to 10,000 Virgin America points for one stay from Kaligo.
  • Asian residents get Starwood Gold status after a stay.
  • 9,500 Spirit miles in a few steps.
  • Last few days to get 25,000 Alaska miles for opening a checking account.
  • Free money towards Orbitz hotel bookings for posting pictures.


milenerdWednesday’s Deals