Delta Gold

Some readers are getting a faster path to gold status with Delta. It won’t work for many (including me), but why not check? This takes all of 5 seconds. Pop your account number in and know for sure.

milenerdDelta Gold

United, Marriott, and Hertz

It’s still about the National aisle for me when it comes to rental cars (except for Turo occasionally), but who am I to turn down free status?

Much like last year, a bunch of readers are getting bumped up to President’s Circle with Hertz by logging in, going to their profile, and adding 501032 under Personal Details in the CDP section. If it works, try matching your status to other rental companies. And while you’re doing Hertz stuff, you can also win a million points.

I only like this 30% United transfer bonus if you’re thinking about sending Marriott points over. But, as is often the case with hotel point to mile promos, travel packages might be the better option if you have a nice stash of Marriott points.


milenerdUnited, Marriott, and Hertz

Friday The 13th Ebates Sale

Need to shop? Get 13% cashback for doing it through Ebates today.

True story: Thirteen is my lucky number.

That’s the second worst story I heard this week.

The first was this actual conversation when Roger Federer and Klay Thompson met.

Here’s the entirety of it…

Klay: How’s your ping pong game?

Federer: Pretty nice.

Klay: Mine too.


milenerdFriday The 13th Ebates Sale

Stuff Getting Better

Yesterday’s transfer from Amex to Virgin Atlantic is perking up a little. A few readers got excited to see on-and-off business class Delta availability on the Virgin site. Particularly between JFK and LAX for 22,500 miles each way. That’s under 20,000 American Express points needed with the bonus. If you can’t type in the airport code when looking for availability, click the little icon and do it the long way.

And Tuesday’s Southwest mention for California people (plus the current ideal Companion Pass timing for others) means a bunch of you are accumulating this currency. Well…Southwest’s destinations just got a hell of lot more exciting. I did like the old flights to Reno, but I love the new Hawaii options.

milenerdStuff Getting Better

Midweek Triple

  • 30% bonus on Amex point transfers to Virgin Atlantic. As American Express transfers go, this isn’t as good as most.
  • But, then again, this Southwest sale is a little better than usual.
  • And discounted dongs to New York is just about par for the course from Delta.

milenerdMidweek Triple