InterContinental Ambassador

Reader Sharon let me know about this IHG option being available for 32,000 points now. It can also be had for $200 if you want to keep the points. What can you get for this?

  • Room upgrade guaranteed during stays.
  • 4:00 checkout guaranteed at the end of stays.
  • One free weekend night certificate¬† on a paid weekend stay.
  • Other stuff (fruit, water, and free movie each stay, etc)

Is this worth doing?

I’d consider it if I stayed at IHG properties more. My once or twice a year isn’t enough. The weekend certificate is what got my attention more than anything else. If you’re an IHG person, it’s probably worth a closer look. Personally, I’m passing. Have a great weekend, nerds!

milenerdInterContinental Ambassador

5 Buck Rentals To Florida

It’s that time of year for us to see these deals. Definitely won’t be for everyone, but one-way car rentals are rarely cheap. This is a great price if you’re going to Florida and any of the pickup locations/dates work for you. Hard to beat $4.99 a day for a car from Hertz.

milenerd5 Buck Rentals To Florida

More Sales

What’s a week without another JetBlue or Southwest sale? Dad Jokes Clooney would probably call it a weak week.

If you’re heading to Asia, here’s another award discount. Check it out if you’ve got a decent-sized Delta balance.


milenerdMore Sales

Booking Some Flights

Hoarding miles. It’s what I do.

Anyone else like to look at AwardWallet and pretend those numbers are dollars?

Alright, I’m strange.

Anyway, one of my usual suspects is Singapore Airlines. I’d love to take advantage of this 30% discount but I’m pretty sure I’ll just keep hoarding.

While you’re burning more miles than me, you should also click over to the American Airlines website. I’m seeing WAY more availability for award flights (both international and domestic) than I’ve seen there in a while. Even the Lord Of Hoard might actually book something¬†(I just invented that nickname and I already hate it).

milenerdBooking Some Flights

Monday Pair

I’m doing these 2 today:

  • Applying for the JetBlue card since it’s up to 40,000 points.
    Why do I like it? Mainly because I can’t hate every airline. They’re still my current favorite for coach domestic travel. It’s not my first time getting this card, by the way.
  • Last week’s Visa deal is done, but Nerds with Inks can buy MasterCards at Staples through Saturday. Get 15 bucks back when you buy $300 or more.
    Why do I like it? Because I’m a nerd with an Ink card. Read the terms at the store and make sure you get the right ones. MasterCards can be a pain.

milenerdMonday Pair