Hertz Free Day With 3-Day Rental

Many of you are President’s Circle members with Hertz these days. If you’ve been looking for a promo to use your new status, this one might do the trick. Through the end of January, rent for 3 days or more and get a free day.

milenerdHertz Free Day With 3-Day Rental


3 more good ones…

  • National extended one of my favorites – One Two Free. If you’re registered for it, you should also be seeing 100 free points right now.
  • Airbnb fans might want to grab these gift cards at 15% off. If you’re not sure of dates, they don’t expire.
  • Keep checking in for these 12 days of JetBlue deals. Really liked my first flight with these guys a few months ago so I’m looking for more if the price is right.


Monday Triple

  • Pick up 3 JetBlue points per dollar spent at Amazon. Most of us earn 5x there already buying Amazon gift cards at office stores with Ink cards. Combine the two and you’ll rack up points pretty fast.
  • Wyndham’s 45,000-point offer is back from Barclays. This offer comes and goes pretty regularly.
  • Get a 30% bonus transferring hotel points to Cathay Pacific. Probably most interesting with Starwood (or Marriott to Starwood).

milenerdMonday Triple

Next Year To-Do List?

We’re hauling ass on the way to 2017. Before I forget, I want to ask something. This obviously only got to this point because of the contributions of you guys. So, it’s important for me to know…is there something specific you’d like to see here next year? All opinions, long and short, are welcome. Feel free to send me any thoughts at all – if it’s important to you, it matters to me. There won’t be any social media or comment section coming, but everything else is fair game. Thanks for sharing…this always was and will always be a team effort. Have a great weekend, nerds!

milenerdNext Year To-Do List?

The Top 25 Credit Cards

(If you see any errors or missing cards, please let me know. I try to keep a full list, but it’s a lot of information and I do make mistakes).

Significant Changes Since Last Month:
-Amtrak up to 30,000 points.
-United Business 50,000-point link added.
-Added Merril Lynch card.
-Ink Business Preferred introduced.
-Some preapproved for 70,000 in-branch with Sapphire Preferred.
-New Avianca LifeMiles card added.

Time for the monthly edition of my Top 25 Credit Cards. I call it “Top 25” out of tradition, but you get a lot more links than that below. Again, if you’re a rookie, make sure you read The Newbie Guide. It’s a little outdated but many of your questions can still be answered there. Basic things like not applying for 3 Chase cards at the same time should be known before you continue. For people running out of cards, remember there’s often a Business card option. I listed a few here but not many, so it might be worth exploring more Business cards. Also, “churning” might be an option. The dates here were a guideline but things always tend to vary individually.

Miles and points aren’t an equal currency. 50,000 Delta Skymiles are worth less to me than 50,000 miles from Singapore Airlines. 25,000 Hyatt points mean more to me than 25,000 Hilton points. And so on. These links work right now (December 1st at midnight). If you read this later, many of the offers will have changed. Things move fast in this game so read offer details and terms before applying. Especially all that small print when you’re trying to get bonuses more than once on the same card. Ok, enough blabbering…here we go! My “Top 25” current credit cards are below…

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milenerdThe Top 25 Credit Cards