Companion Pass Corrections

Some of you added good ideas/suggestions to my post from 2 days ago. The best of those included:

  • Apparently, for the Southwest Business card offer of 50,000 points, you can call 1-800-278-4370 and apply for it that way.
  • If you’re rich in Marriott points, you should look at their Hotel + Air packages. They can be a very strong use of your points. As far as the Southwest Companion pass goes, you can earn it pretty damn easily this way. Take a look at Package 3. You could book a 7-night trip for 270,000 Marriott points AND earn 110,000 Southwest points for your trouble. This would automatically get you the Companion Pass (and a vacation).
  • There was a long, complicated Amtrak point transfer that I’m not sure actually works. I’ll research it and get back to you.
  • If you’re interested in tracking how close you are to reaching the 110,000 points, you can do it here. I’m not sure how necessary a “Companion Pass Tracker” is for most of you obsessive types, but it can’t hurt.

Again, the goal is to have your Southwest points post early in 2015. You want to have your Companion Pass for as long as possible!


milenerdCompanion Pass Corrections

IHG Quick Deal

If you have InterContinental points to burn, there’s a 24-hour “sale” starting at noon eastern. Instead of the normal 50,000 points per night, you can stay at the Venetian or Palazzo for half that amount. To me, 25,000 a night is pretty good value, especially for some of the high-priced weekends in Vegas. The most common ways to get IHG points are from the credit card and from Chase Ultimate Rewards transfers. MileNerd out.


milenerdIHG Quick Deal

Companion Pass Timing

The Southwest Companion Pass is incredible. Actually, it’s hard to argue that anything is better for domestic travel nerdiness. If you’ve somehow missed my 42,000 posts about this, here’s one of them. Well guys, don’t look now but the year is quickly coming to a close. That means it’s a great time to get going with your Companion Pass process. Remember, the idea is to get the 110,000 points to post as early as possible in a calendar year. If you get a Personal and Business card now and time it well, you’ll have your pass for almost all of 2015 and 2016. Again, make sure your bonus 50,000 points don’t post before the end of the year.



milenerdCompanion Pass Timing

Buy Some Miles?

It’s still not for me, but promos for buying US Airways and American miles have returned. With US Airways, buy 50,000 and get 33,000 bonus miles. And from American, buy 80,000 and get 28,000 free. These miles will obviously combine at some point, so I consider this to be a valuable currency right now. What about the price? Around 100,000 miles for around $2,000 isn’t a terrible deal in this case. But if you hesitated getting the 100,000-mile American credit card because of the $450 annual fee, you should be kicking yourself right now.

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milenerdBuy Some Miles?

25,000 United Miles For Energy

Energy Plus is back with their big offers. Get 20,000 miles after your second month as a customer…25,000 if you have the United credit card. As usual, Energy Plus gets pretty bad reviews and is only an option in limited states. The idea is to get the miles and then cancel your service quickly.


milenerd25,000 United Miles For Energy