100% Bonus Buying United Miles

Through Friday, get double the United miles if you buy at least 40,000 of them. Blasphemous for some but makes mathematical sense for others. Under 2 cents per mile isn’t a bad deal at all if you are in the market for this.


milenerd100% Bonus Buying United Miles

Half Off Lyft Rides In New York

Hey cranky New Yorkers, it’s time to turn that frown upside down. The subway might not be your cheapest ride in town this week. Read about the big 50% off from Lyft here.

milenerdHalf Off Lyft Rides In New York

Weekend Recap

Here’s 3 to start the week:

  • Pick up 1,000 free United miles for downloading an app that sounds more like a self-help book.
  • From the we-could-use-some-good-news world of gift cards…buying $300 in Visas and getting $20 back is back at Staples this week. In-store only.
  • Grab 1,000 easy points for one meal if you haven’t joined Southwest’s dining program yet.

milenerdWeekend Recap

Marriott Offer Also Worth 100,000 Points

For a couple days, it almost felt like old times again!

Never mind. That’s crazy talk.

But, in the middle of deals falling apart around us, it is raining 100,000-point offers all of a sudden. Now Marriott is offering that bonus on their Business card. Spend $5,000 in 3 months and the bonus is yours. Let’s keep these coming and then maybe we can talk crazy.

milenerdMarriott Offer Also Worth 100,000 Points

Hilton Card Up To 100,000 Again

In this time known as Thursday, reader Jason shares that the Hilton Surpass card from Amex is back to a 100,000-point bonus. As high as it gets for this one.

milenerdHilton Card Up To 100,000 Again