Catching up from yesterday, since I’ve busy spying on Hyatt meetings…

  • The new working link for that usual 90,000-mile Virgin Atlantic card is here.
  • Through Saturday, get 20 bucks off your Visa/Mastercard gift card purchases at Office Max
  • It’s the last day to get this round of discounted Hyatt gift cards. Use code GPGIFT15 for 10% off. Plus a 5% statement credit if you buy with an American Express Open credit card.
  • The Venetian/Palazzo point deal is also today. Half the points for your suite – 25,000 per night.
  • An easy 100 free Aeroplan miles for signing up for emails.
  • If your hands are starting to cramp from writing those letters, you can buy IHG points with a 100% bonus this week.



How To Make A Mess Of A “Giveaway”

(This is my image of the last meeting at Hyatt headquarters)

We have a lot to be thankful for this year, ladies and germs.

It’s getting late, so let’s cut to the chase…






That’s right everyone, throw your hands in the air!

Now wave ’em around like you just don’t care!

Look…even if we weren’t the best hotel chain…let’s get serious…

Our competition SUCKS.


I mean, they’re terrible.

Come on, after this Starwood-Marriott thing, there’s NOBODY to worry about.

So let’s rip these ties off and turn this into a real celebration!

Tops are optional, ladies!

Woah. Uh, I was just kidding Doris…

Yeah, this is awkward. Moving on…

My friends, I’ve been brainstorming for at least the last 15 seconds…

I’ve come up with something truly special here.

Remember the great Diamond Challenge we had? The one everyone loved?

Sure we killed it for no reason…

It was good and fair for all involved…

But hey, mistakes happen.

So I was thinking we should bring it back and then step it up a notch!

Are you ready???

What if we GIVE AWAY our top status!!!

As the great Oprah Winfrey would say…

You get a Diamond!

You get a Diamond!

You get a—

…uh, Doris…let’s please try to keep our shirts on.

Guys, Doris is pretty drunk again, but she’s on to something…

Nobody would EVER get upset if we just give away Diamond status!

There’s truly no way to screw this one up.

Sure, the people who worked hard to earn status last year might get a little pissy…

But we’ll have nothing but support from everyone else!

Plus, we’re going to steal all those jackasses who stay at Hilton, Starwood, and Marriott.

Man, this is gonna be GREAT!

Wait, this is way too easy.

I think we should make it a little more complicated…

No, how about a LOT more complicated!

I think we should only give away Diamond status to a few random people.

Then to everyone else who reaches out…

We’ll just offer them useless Platinum!

Exactly Doris, that’s the same status they already have from their credit card.

Because, really, who gives a shit anymore?

It’s not like people talk to each other in 2015.

They’ll never realize we’re just randomly giving some people Platinum and some Diamond.

Oh man, this is brilliant!

No matter if people reach out at the exact same time…

With the exact same Hyatt status…

Matching from the exact same program…

We’re just going to randomly give Diamond to some and not to others.

In fact, let’s totally ignore some people.

Oh, and then make sure you give different answers to others.

Doris, you tell them one thing and I’ll tell them something different.

We’re not going to use any rhyme or reason on this one.

Because who the hell needs it anymore??

Our competition is such a joke that we can disappoint current Diamonds…

And wannabe Diamonds…

And we’ll still win!!!!

Nobody else could figure out a way to bum customers out with a free giveaway!

Only we can do something like this!

Alright guys, I need to do some Christmas shopping so let’s wrap this up.

I like to give my son waaaaaay better Christmas gifts than my daughter every year.

Not for any real reason…it’s just how I do things.

She never seems to mind.

Because nobody can complain about a gift, right?


milenerdHow To Make A Mess Of A “Giveaway”

Hyatt Diamond Match

It’s Friday again. How is this possible? Is time accelerating?

Ok, here’s a good one…

Surprisingly, Hyatt just tweeted that they’re once again matching to Diamond status without having to go through qualifying stays. Take advantage of this one! I’m still a huge fan of Hyatt and their Diamond status. Especially after the Starwood-Marriott crapfest/disaster/nightmare/merger.

Tweet back to Hyatt or send an email to hyattsocialmedia@hyatt.com and/or goldpassport@hyatt.com. Just make sure to show proof of your current hotel status. You need one stay in the last year from another hotel brand. Your fancy new Hyatt Diamond status will last for over a year. Pretty damn good deal.

(I got a flood of emails yesterday and will respond with a reply or a post here as soon as possible. Thanks guys. Have a great weekend!)



milenerdHyatt Diamond Match


With a month’s worth of posts left in 2015, is there anything specific you’re interested in hearing from me? I sometimes feel that without comments enabled, I miss out on getting feedback from certain readers. That’s why I like to ask “for requests” usually once a year…and, well, it’s that time. Anything goes. Let me know what you want and I’ll do my best to give it to you. Thanks.



Hump Day Deals

They keep coming this week…

  • A couple days ago, I mentioned a bonus for buying American miles. There are also buying promos with Southwest, Starwood, and Hyatt.
  • Get up to 40,000 bonus Air Canada Aeroplan miles when converting points.
  • The Wyndham credit card is back up to 45,000 points. It goes back and forth between here and 30,000. Here is better.

funny camel

milenerdHump Day Deals