Black Friday And Cyber Monday

Since it’s Black Friday and soon-to-be Cyber Monday, I’ll stray from the norm. Let’s talk discounts on paid fares and rooms! Here are some highlights:

  • Travelocity – The Cyber Monday link might turn out to be better.
  • Expedia – Black Friday and Cyber Monday hotel deals. Plus $75 off your first app booking.
  • Marriott – Discounted rooms
  • Hilton – Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals coming in the morning.
  • – Hotel deals on the way in the morning.
  • – Cyber Monday coupons coming…on Monday.
  • Starwood – Cyber Monday deals coming.
  • Emirates – Black Friday here.

More hotel deals here and here. Have a great weekend, guys!


milenerdBlack Friday And Cyber Monday

Turkey Day Stuff

Sorry again for the periodic outages this week, guys. My hosting company has been amazing for such a long time, so I’ll cut them a little slack while they get this fixed as quickly as possible. Thanks and happy Thanksgiving!

  • Kevin found a link to a different 70,000-mile Marriott card. No annual fee the first year.
  • Thanks Josh for sharing a great promo he’s getting on his American Aviator Red card. A big 30,000 miles for spending $2,500 a month for 6 months.
  • Get 2,500 Starwood points for trying keyless at Starwood.
  • It’s rare that I say something nice about Hilton and make fun of Hyatt. That being said, it looks like Hilton might have spent more than 30 seconds on their status match opportunity.



milenerdTurkey Day Stuff

Tech Issues

Hey guys, I’m aware the site is down a lot right now. I apologize for that. Luckily, everything has been very glitch-free for years and this is really unusual. Probably a matter of a few days. A problem across the board with the hosting company right now. Thanks for your patience.

milenerdTech Issues

A Bunch Of Miles For Magazines

Thanks to reader Fred for this hump day alert. Apparently, United’s shopping mall is showing 40 miles per dollar on again. Fred is getting 45 miles per dollar because he has a United card. Not bad!



milenerdA Bunch Of Miles For Magazines


Catching up from yesterday, since I’ve busy spying on Hyatt meetings…

  • The new working link for that usual 90,000-mile Virgin Atlantic card is here.
  • Through Saturday, get 20 bucks off your Visa/Mastercard gift card purchases at Office Max
  • It’s the last day to get this round of discounted Hyatt gift cards. Use code GPGIFT15 for 10% off. Plus a 5% statement credit if you buy with an American Express Open credit card.
  • The Venetian/Palazzo point deal is also today. Half the points for your suite – 25,000 per night.
  • An easy 100 free Aeroplan miles for signing up for emails.
  • If your hands are starting to cramp from writing those letters, you can buy IHG points with a 100% bonus this week.