Uber Local Deals

Go to your Uber app (you might need to update it), click on Settings, and select Visa Local Offers. Click “Count Me In” and take a look at the stores listed.

This will be a very easy way to pick up Uber credits for normal (or abnormal) daily spending you do. Just make to add the Visa cards you use for that spending.

milenerdUber Local Deals

JetBlue Feedback

I mentioned JetBlue’s status match last week and have been getting a lot of responses from readers since then. The short version…almost everyone is getting approved.

You should register if you have any status (Virgin America, Alaska, American, United, or Delta).

You should register if you have a Southwest Companion Pass.

You should register if you have any other weird status – give it shot.

You should register if you’ve already done a JetBlue status match – even if that was last year.

Basically, the exact opposite of how I feel about Citibank right now is my opinion of JetBlue. I love them. There might not be a better airline for domestic coach travel and this status match is more generous than most.

milenerdJetBlue Feedback

Monday Triple

  • Don’t delete Amex emails if you have a Business Platinum card. A bunch of readers are seeing a very nice offer (40,000 to 50,000 points) for a little spending. Others with Gold cards are seeing good offers for adding users. Basically, if you see an email from American Express right now…read it.
  • Speaking of spending, here are shopping bonuses from American (2,000 miles), United (3,000 miles), and Southwest (2,000 points).
  • The Citi Prestige bonus just got bumped up to 75,000 points. The spending also got a bump to $7,500 in 3 months. Obviously, this is a strong offer worth looking at for many readers.

Note to Citibank executives reading this:
I’ve had good conversations with a few of you through the years. You seem like a nice bunch. Of course, it’s always helpful for me to hear from any vice president at the big banks. That said, your “exclusive” strategy of marketing this Prestige bonus was a total clusterfuck. I’ve heard from multiple readers who won’t be applying for it because of the way you enmeshed yourselves with that clown show of a blog. Why didn’t you just promote the bonus at a used car lot run by two guys named JimBob and Cooter? That would have gotten you more respect than this. Twitter followers and fancy Facebook ads don’t outrank integrity. Someone there must understand that. Right? I have to admit, though, part of me is hoping you’ll do it again. I’m looking forward to writing a much longer “Dear Citibank” post. It won’t be this pleasant.


milenerdMonday Triple

United Club Passes

Thanks to the great response to a recent post, I’m ready to start this year’s giveaways. I’ll space them out (for no real reason other than it worked well last year). First up? 17 United lounge passes – two expire in November and the rest have 2018 expiration dates.

To enter, you can email the contest address below. Blank emails are fine but please put “United Club” as the subject. I’ll randomly select the winners on Sunday night. Have a great weekend, nerds!

(As always with giveaways, if you need to reach me for any other reason, please don’t use the contest email address. It isn’t checked other than selecting random winners)


milenerdUnited Club Passes

SPG Resort Discount

If you’re a hotel snob with a pile of Starwood points, this one is for you. Use fewer points at some of the best SPG properties in the world (Maldives, Bora Bora, etc.). You do still get the 5th night free, by the way. It’s a solid deal for those with expensive taste.

milenerdSPG Resort Discount