Tuesday Triple

  • Thanks to reader Jen for sending a link to a 3-month JetSmarter trial. I have literally zero experience with JetSmarter (or any other private jet company) so no opinions from me on this one.
  • A few of you reached out after having luck opening American Express offers in an incognito window yesterday. I got reports of Premier Rewards Gold (50,000 points), Starwood (30,000 points), and personal Platinum (75,000 points).
  • I’ve gotten a bunch of emails about AwardWallet lately so I wanted to write a few words here…
    Upgrade codes used to show up automatically whenever people signed up, so I gave them out every month. Unfortunately, it looks like I won’t be getting codes to share anymore. If that’s true, it sucks. And I admit I’m out of the loop on this so I don’t know anything for sure. But from the outside, it seems like AwardWallet has changed how they do things. Their marketing is more annoying and it’s getting more expensive to upgrade. What does that mean? Well, until I become aware of a better option, I’ll still use their product. I’ll just like it less than I did before.


milenerdTuesday Triple

United Club Passes

I wanted to start the week with a big thanks to reader Q. She’s generously giving out some one-day United lounge passes that expire at the end of February. If you have a definite use for one of these, please email the address below by tonight at 11:59 EST. The subject should say “United Giveaway” and I’ll write back to the randomly selected winners by Wednesday night. Q, thank you again for sharing these. It’s so cool of you to reach out without waiting for a post asking for this!

(As always with giveaways, if you want to reach me for any other reason, please don’t use the contest email. It isn’t checked other than selecting random winners.)

milenerdUnited Club Passes

Weekend Shopping

If you have some shopping to do, take a look here. A dozen stores are offering 15 miles per dollar through the end of the day. Thanks to Sue with Alaska Airlines for letting me know. United will have the same deal on Sunday.

Also on Sunday, head to Staples for another Visa deal. Spend 300 bucks (or more) on gift cards and get $20 back. If you’re busy, this one goes through the 28th.

Have a great weekend, nerds!

milenerdWeekend Shopping

Credit Card Updated Links

In the last few days, I’ve updated an unusual number of links for some of the most popular cards. Lots of changes popped up at the same time. Check the credit card page for these updates recently:

  • Multiple updated American links.
  • New 50,000-mile links (plus $50) on United Personal and Business cards.
  • Some people are seeing a 75,000-mile offer for the United Club card.
  • 50,000 miles again (plus a $50 credit) for Delta’s Personal and Business Gold.
  • Southwest’s Business Premier link is up to 60,000.

milenerdCredit Card Updated Links

2 NYC Ride Deals

Today’s pair is for all of you charmingly cranky New Yorkers out there…

  • Open your Uber app and enter code AMEXBLACK in Promotions (under Payment). It should give you $25 towards an Uber Black ride this month.
  • Gett just increased their bonus to $50 off your next 10 rides. Nice offer, but it does look like both of these will only work in New York.

milenerd2 NYC Ride Deals